Eagle Canyon High School

First day of school 8/23/2016

Angelini, Vicki (805) 434-5833 Teacher
Koski, Joe (805) 434-5805 Superintendent/Principal
Vierra, Mindi (805) 434-5833 Clerk/Registrar

    Eagle Canyon High School provides an opportunity for Templeton students in grades ten through twelve to pursue their education in a more individualized setting.  The goal of Eagle Canyon is to enable students to return to the comprehensive high school within one or two semesters.  Students have access to standards-based curriculum and instruction that is aligned with the curriculum at Templeton High School.  The low student to teacher ratio and the focus on self-directed learning allow students to take their current grade classes and make up classes they failed.  This structure enables students to return to the regular high school program without a credit deficit.